What foods hurt teeth and should be avoided?

Foods that hurt teeth, What are they ? And why does it hurt the teeth ? Answers and a set of important tips you will find in the article.

Many people think that sugars and sweets are the only foods that destroy dental health, but in fact sugar is not the only factor that harms teeth, there is a list of other foods that harm teeth that we will learn about in the following :-

Foods that hurt teeth
Learn about the most prominent foods that can affect dental health negatively in the following:

  1. Citrus fruits
    It is advisable to limit the intake of acidic foods, as they harm the health of tooth enamel, and also cause tooth erosion.

The most prominent acidic foods that damage teeth include


  1. Ice cream
    Although ICE does not contain any substances except water after freezing, but it can harm teeth, as well as ice cream, such as ice cream and others, they contain sugars that are harmful to teeth, they also cause tooth sensitivity, as well as chewing solids causes enamel damage.
  2. Sticky foods
    Foods that hurt teeth, one of which is sticky foods, as some prefer to eat dried fruits as a light and healthy snack, but it is not recommended to eat them a lot; because they are considered sticky foods.

The reason why sticky foods harm teeth is that they stay for a long time in the teeth and are difficult to get rid of.

  1. Crackers
    Crackers cause dental plaque to accumulate, because they break into small pieces when chewed, and therefore some residues and small particles will be left in the teeth even with washing.

Drinks that harm teeth
In addition to the list of foods that hurt teeth, there is a group of drinks that have a negative effect on teeth, namely:

  1. Carbonated drinks
    When consuming carbonated drinks for long periods, plaque bacteria use this sugar to produce acids that attack enamel. Carbonated drinks also cause dry mouth.
  2. Coffee and tea
    Unfortunately, most people do not do without adding sugar to coffee or tea, which is what makes it even more harmful to the teeth.

Also, caffeinated drinks are included in the list of foods that harm teeth, as they cause discoloration of teeth, and affect the health of enamel in case of too much of it.

  1. Acidic juices
    It has been mentioned earlier that acidic foods cause tooth erosion, as well as the juices resulting from them, such as:

Lemon juice.
Tomato juice.
Orange juice.

Tips for protecting teeth from food damage

After familiarizing yourself with the list of foods that hurt teeth, as well as drinks, tooth wear caused by food and drink can be reduced by some tips, these include:

Wait for an hour after eating acidic foods, and then brush them, in order to give saliva a chance to wash off the acids naturally and so maintain the health of the enamel.

Limit the consumption of caffeinated drinks, whether coffee, tea or soft drinks, because they cause many damages to the teeth, and they can be replaced with healthy drinks, such as: herbs, natural juices free of sugar.
Rinse your mouth with water after eating any foods or drinks, this helps neutralize acids until you brush them.
Keep medical dental floss in fact; to use it after eating foods until you return home and brush your teeth.
Chewing sugar-free gum, this is after eating, as this helps in the flow of saliva and protects teeth from damage caused by foods.

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