‏Is the treatment of the root canal painful, and is there a need to feel fear ?

Some people experience a feeling of fear when visiting the dentist, is this feeling normal and has a need, and why?

The treatment of the tooth nerve does not have to be painful when carried out correctly.

A local anesthetic is used to anesthetize the area around the tooth, which makes the operation painless. After treatment, some patients may feel some pain or sensitivity, but this can be controlled with the usual painkillers. If you feel any severe pain during or after treatment, you should inform your dentist.

Is there a need to feel fear during the dental nerve treatment procedure ?

No, there is no need to feel fear during the tooth root treatment procedure. The treatment is performed under the influence of a local anesthetic, which makes the process painless. Tooth root treatment techniques have been developing significantly in recent years, procedures have become more effective and less troublesome for patients.

If you feel anxious or scared, you can talk with your dentist about it. The dentist can explain to you the steps involved in the treatment and reassure you. In some cases, additional calming techniques such as sedative medications or conscious sedation can be used to help you feel comfortable during the procedure.

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