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If you are not sure about wither your tooth actually need a root canal treatment or not, or not sure about the success of the treatment or else you can always schedule a consultation appointment with us.

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Our practice is dedicated to deliver high quality and exceptional dental care to meet your high needs and expectations in a comfortable relaxed environment in our clinic

Dental Consultation

Thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth followed by a detailed, customized treatment plan.

Endodontic Treatment

Painless, minimally invasive root canal treatment under microscope & rubber dam following latest guidelines.

Endodontic Retreatment

Removal of old filling material and remaining infected tissue, then re-filling and sealing the tooth.

Endodontic Surgery

A safe and effective solution for complex dental problems that cannot be treated with traditional root canal therapy.

Cracked Teeth

Advancements in dental procedures are helping people keep their natural teeth longer.

Traumatic Injuries

While most traumatic dental injuries occur in children and teenagers.

Vital pulp therapy

A treatment modality that aims at preserving vital healthy dental pulp.

9000 Satisfied Patients
12000 Treated root canals
14 Years of Experience

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