Does orthodontics cause inflammation of the root canal ?

Does the braces have damage to the teeth ?

Despite the many benefits of orthodontics, it may cause some damage (especially if it is not performed correctly).

Inflammation of the gums :-

The patient may experience irritation and inflammation of the gums due to friction, pressure or bacteria, in the initial period

After the braces are placed, there will be a change in the position of the teeth and jaws, and this can lead to bleeding

Swelling or sagging gums (this is a temporary condition), but they pose challenges that may affect the patient’s comfort.

Tooth decay :-

Teeth and gums are difficult to clean during the period of wearing braces, which increases the risk of caries

Due to the accumulation of plaque or food between the teeth and braces

This can lead to tooth damage, discoloration or the formation of cavities.

Sensitization :-

Braces can cause sensitive teeth and gums due to exposure to heat, cold, sweetness or acidity

This can lead to pain, tingling or burning.

And there are many reasons for them (erosion, soft tissue injuries, pain, receding gums)،


Erosion :-

Braces can cause wear to the jaws and teeth due to friction, pressure, or movement

This can result in teeth shortening, changing shape, cracking or breaking.

Soft tissue injuries :-

Braces may cause soft tissue injuries such as (cheek, lips), due to

Constant friction between these tissues, wires and metal strips.

Receding gums :-

Due to the constant pressure exerted by the braces on the teeth .

Pain :-

It causes pain in the teeth and jaws due to constant pressure.

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