Tooth discoloration is it caused by nerve treatment procedures ?

Is there a change in the color of the tooth as a result of root treatment procedures and is this the main reason or not ?

Root treatment may change the color of the molar being treated, this happens due to the removal of nerves and blood vessels inside the molar, which leads to a loss of moisture and internal nutrition of the molar.this causes fluid and hemoglobin to collect inside the tooth, making it appear darker than other teeth. The reason for the discoloration of the molar can also be tourmaline, which some doctors use to fill the cavity of the molar after removing the root.

There are several factors that can affect the color of the molar, and not just the root treatment, including:

1-smoking: Smoking is one of the causes of tooth discoloration, as tobacco residues accumulate on the surface of the teeth and stains form.

2-tea and coffee: these drinks contain pigment substances that may lead to discoloration of the teeth.

3-eat certain food substances: such as acidic juices, grapes, sugars, oils and colored foods.

4-tooth damage: damage due to injury or abrasion can lead to discoloration of the tooth.

5-genetic factors: some people are born with teeth of a different color from other teeth.

Therefore, you should avoid health factors, food and other influences that cause tooth damage and discoloration, and see a dentist when needed to get appropriate treatment.

To find out the answer in detail, watch the following video of the consultant of nerve treatment Dr. Hasan AbuMaizar :-

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