Does nerve therapy weaken the tooth ?

Is when the root of the molar is treated, it causes weakness of the teeth, to find out the answer, watch a video of the consultant of dental nerve treatment Dr. Hasan AbuMaizar :-

Why do we resort to dental nerve treatment ?

Recognize our need to perform nerve treatment when it is exposed to inflammation :-

That nerve treatment is used to save teeth suffering from neuritis, and helps preserve the molar instead of dislocating it.

And if treatment is necessary, it is important to get the advice of a competent dentist

And strictly follow the dental care instructions after the treatment to ensure that the molar recovers as best as possible.

However, this weakness is often temporary and not noticeable, and the teeth may be able to regain normal shape and function over time.

It is usually advisable to avoid chewing on the treated side and avoid eating hard solid foods until the tooth can fully recover.

Patients should brush their teeth well and treat infections, caries and gingivitis as directed by the treating dentist to prevent problems from worsening and protect the tooth from damage .

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