Is Gutta Percha used in pulpectomy?

Short story long, Gutta Percha is used in pulpectomy in case of permanent teeth. While in primary teeth, different materials are used because we need a resorbable root filling material.

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Pulpectomy in permanent teeth

Gutta percha is the material of choice in pulpectomy cases in permanent teeth.

Quickly recapping, pulpectomy is a dental procedure in which all of the pulp tissue inside a tooth is removed (both coronal and radicular pulp), and the space is then filled with a biocompatible material to seal the canal and prevent future infection.

On the other hand, pulpotomy involves only removing the coronal portion of the tooth’s pulp.

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Moving back to Gutta percha.

It is a material made from the coagulated latex of several species of trees.

It is often used as the filling material in root canals after the infected pulp tissue has been removed. The gutta-percha is heated and compacted into the root canal space, effectively sealing it and preventing the entry of bacteria. It is commonly used alongside root canal sealers to ensure a complete and effective seal.

In modern dentistry, gutta-percha is a standard choice for root canal filling due to its biocompatibility, ease of use, and sealing properties.

gutta percha in pulpectomy cases

Pulpectomy in primary teeth

Pulpectomy is also performed in primary (baby) teeth.

It is typically done when a primary tooth has extensive decay or infection that cannot be effectively treated with more conservative approaches like dental fillings or stainless steel crowns, and when there is a need to save the tooth and maintain oral health & function until the permanent tooth erupts.

The pulpectomy procedure for primary teeth is somewhat similar to that for permanent teeth, but there are certain differences due to the anatomical and developmental characteristics of primary teeth.

After the infected pulp tissue is removed from the root canals of the primary tooth, the space is filled with a biocompatible material that is resorbable to seal the canals and prevent further infection.

The resorbability is needed so that the material resorbs in the same rate as the root of the primary tooth, causing no harm to the erupting permanent tooth.

Instead of Gutta percha, these materials are used to fill the root canals in primary teeth pulpectomy:

1- Zinc Oxide Eugenol.

2- Endoflas: Zinc Xxide + CaOH + Idoform.

3- Premixed Calcium Hydroxide (vitapex).

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