ADA Releases A New Clinical Practice Guideline About Restorative Treatments of Deep Carious Lesions

Dear Colleague, 

I wanted to bring your attention to the recently published “Restorative Treatments for Caries Lesions Clinical Practice Guideline (2023)” by the American Dental Association (ADA).

This guideline offers valuable insights and evidence-based recommendations for effective restorative treatments in caries cases.

You can access the full guideline and related resources on the ADA’s official website or through the provided link: Click Here

I believe this guideline will greatly benefit our clinical practice and enhance our patient care.Looking forward to discussing its implications and applications with you.

Best regards,

Dr. Hassan Abu-Maizar

M.Sc Endodontics Manchester / U.KJordanian

Board Of Endodontics

President of the Jordanian Endodontic Society

President of the Arab Endodontic Society

Part Time Lecturer – Jordan University

Part Time Lecturer – Jordan University for Science and Technology

Board Examiner, Jordanian Board in Endodontics

Specialist Member Of The American Association Of Endodontics

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