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Dental Microscope

Dental Microscope use in root canal treatment at abumaizar dental clinics

The dental microscope is crucial in endodontics, offering enhanced precision and visualization for improved diagnosis and successful root canal treatments.


CBCT use in root canal treatment at abumaizar dental clinics

Cone Beam Computed Tomography is indispensable in dentistry, providing detailed 3D imaging that aids in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, particularly in complex cases, thereby elevating overall patient care.

Painless Anasthesia

Local anastheisa device use in root canal treatment at abumaizar dental clinics

Painless local anasthesia device that delivers the local anasthetic agent in controlled pressure ensuring a painless experience.

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Helena Derwash

"I’ve been attending this clinic for over 6 years and am always pleased with the service, and technical expertise of Dr Hasan. He is gentle and ensures my dental health and hygiene is maintained, diagnosed and treated. Great dentist with a lovely professional team."

Saad Shawwa

"Highly Professional, super clean, high tech devices, the assistant team are amazing and on top of everything. I highly recommend him to anyone who would ask for a root canal job. If I had to do a root canal in the future I would fly from the US to Jordan so he would do it"

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Root Canal Treatment

    A root canal treatment is a dental procedure aimed at fixing a seriously damaged or infected tooth. Inside each tooth is a small space called the root canal, housing the soft pulp. When this pulp becomes diseased, it can lead to severe pain. In a root canal, the dentist removes the infected or damaged pulp, thoroughly cleans the interior, and then seals and fills the space.

    Is it painful to have a root canal?

    With modern techniques and anesthesia, the procedure is typically not more painful than getting a regular filling. Dentists use local anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding area, ensuring that you shouldn’t feel significant pain during the actual root canal.

    How long does a root canal take?

    On average, a straightforward root canal for a single tooth might take a 1-hours long visit. However, more complex cases or those involving multiple roots may require additional visits.

    Can I eat after root canal?

    After a root canal procedure, it’s generally advisable to wait until the numbness from the local anesthesia wears off before eating to avoid accidentally biting your cheek, tongue, or lips.

    How much does root canal treatment cost?

    Depending on the situation of the tooth and whether it has been root canal treated before or not, the cost of root canal treatment at our clinic ranges between 120-260 JD.

    Are root canals worth the money?

    Yes, root canals are worth the money as they can save a damaged or infected tooth, relieve pain, and help maintain oral health.